PCT No. E – 27900 (Mumbai)
6/14, Gilbert colony, I. G. Nagar, Kanjurmarg [E), Mumbai -400042

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Henry D’ Paula,
Managing Trustee, Kutam Charitable Trust
The ‘Trust’ providing relief to Poor people needing help for medical treatment, basic education, food to the hungry and affected by disaster.

Dear Well-wisher,

I, Henry D’ Paula, am writing this letter for making a plea on behalf our ‘Trust’, ‘Trust’ providing relief for very basic needs of the people.

The plea is for making the Trust, able to fulfill its objectives of making these affected people, rise up again and become self reliant. Your support means a lot to our Trust and for the people associated with the Trust.

Our Trustees have been associated with Kutam Konkani Weekly (A prominent Registered Konkani Weekly News Paper published from Mumbai) in providing medical aid to most needy people irrespective of cast and creed since the last 3 years.

Now, to be able to shoulder the social cause efficiently, we have taken one step forward by forming and promoting this Kutam Charitable Trust. We hope you will extend your help to our ‘Trust’ in fulfilling our objectives.

We bank with Model Co-op. Bank Ltd. situated at Gracian Rock Apts., Kanjur Village, Mumbai – 400042. India. Our Current Account No. 589

Yours truly,
Henry D’ Paula
Managing Trustee
Kutam Charitable Trust