KCAUK - Celebrates Feast of Nativity in Manchester
Posted On: 14/09/2011 23:45 GMT
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By KCAUK Team Members

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Manchester UK: KCAUK celebrated the feast of nativity, on September 10, 2011 at the Jain Community Centre Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester. The Mangalorean Konkani speaking families from different parts of UK gathered at Manchester to collectively venerate mother Mary by following the same culture and tradition as being followed back home in Mangalore India.

Mrs. Arshiya Pereira gave a brief introduction about the feast of Nativity. Fr. William Menezes the PRO of the Mangalore diocese blessed the new corn. Children showered the flowers to mother Mary in enthusiasm and in excitement to the hymn “Morieak Hogalxieam” sung by the guests. Their rhythm and sequence was further uplifted by the melodious choir team of KCAUK led by Mr. Stany Mendonca which was later followed by a Holy Mass.

The first reading was read by Mrs. Jyothi Mendonca and the second by Mrs. Renny Buthello . The homily was given by Fr. William Menezes. The prayers of the faithful were read by Mrs.Reshma Lobo, Mrs.Laveena Monis, Mrs.Laveena Ivy Castelino, Mrs. Lainet Pinto, Mrs.Anita D’silva, Mrs.Evet Pinto and Mrs. Reena Rodrigues. The Eucharistic Celebration was elated by the choir team and by the melodious music of Mr. Sujith Rodrigues and Mr. Joe Andrade. 

After the holy mass Mr. James Ravi Pinto and the Master of Ceremony Mr. Stany Mendonca did the introduction to the cultural activities through a skit.  Mr. Richard D’Silva arranged and served the soft drink to all the guests. The Secretary of KCA-UK Mr.Vinod Barboza extended his warm welcome to all the guests, soon after this Mrs. Dorothy Prakash from Nottingham performed the welcome dance.

The elderly people who were amongst the assemblage were invited to the dais to actively participate in mixing the blessed corn with the milk which was later shared with all the guests. Their presence made the guest to remember their family members back in home town and also their near and dear ones. This was followed by a series of entertaining events which included  Kungfu dance from KCA UK Kids, A group dance from the kids who had arrived from Sunderland UK, Hilarious stand up comedy in Konkani from Joshua Pinto and Chris Joy Rodrigues Nottingham,  Dance  from  Miss Fiona and Miss Rihana D’Silva from Birmingham,  Solo singing from Mrs. Ansuya Gomes from Bristol,  Miss Melisha Barboza from Manchester and Mr.Sunil D’Cunha from Masefield.  The Bollywood dance ‘Senorita’ and Semi Folk type dance on Fish Market was performed by KCA UK members. All the guests enjoyed the fun filled entertainment as well as appreciated the efforts.

Traditional meal with seven different types of delicious vegetables, including Sanna, Rice and Orn were prepared by KCA UK members thanks to Mrs. Anthony Mary, Mrs. Arshiya Periera, Mrs. Reshma Lobo, Mrs. Reena Rodrigues, Mrs. Lainet Pinto, Mrs. Diana Lobo, Mrs. Marina Monis, Mrs. Evet Pinro, Mrs. Diana Monis, Mrs. Renny Bhutello and Mrs. Charlotte Barboza for the hard work put in to prepare the food. The food was later served on Shiroti (banana leaves) to the KCAUK guests. Thanks to Mr. Ravi Pinto for the Shiroti. KCAUK specially thanked Mr.Martin Saldanha, Mr.Alwyn Bhutello, Mr. Cyril Pinto, Mr. Kenneth Desa and their team for their planning and co-ordination to serve the food for all guest in time.. KCA UK also thanked all the people who helped them in serving the food with traditional dress (Mondu-Byras, white shirt and mundas on head). 

After the lunch, cultural activities continued with outstanding ‘Dandia’ performance by guest who had come from Sunderland UK. This is followed by some amazing individual dances from Miss Rihana Buthello –Manchester, Miss Rachel D’Silva- Birmingham and Miss Sonal Mendonca and team from Sunderland UK. Konkani Solo Singing from Mr.Stany Mendonca and Mr Lavian Pinto from Nottingham. Dance performances from Mrs. Arshiya Periera and Mrs.Anthony Mary – Manchester and Mrs. Sunitha D’Silva and Mrs. Dorothy Prakash and skit from Mr. Ronald Lobo and Team also entertained the guest.

The back stage activities were coordinated by Mr. Anthony Vinesh Coelho from Sunderland and Mr. Vincent Dias from Manchester. Mr. Ronald Lobo and Mr. Alwyn Butello were key personnel in design and decoration of the stage. Mr. Brazil Gomes, Mr. Raj Periera and Mr. Santhosh Sequiera covered the entire days Photography and Videography. Mr. Santhosh Pinto – Manchester was in complete control of sound system and Music throughout the event.

Mr. Ronald Lobo carried out a fund raising event for the association in the form of auctions of items prepared by Mrs. Renny Buthello and family from Manchester. Mr. Kenneth Ruban D’sa and Mr. Santosh Sequeira conducted the Bingo and prizes were awarded to the winners. Mr. Stany Rodrigues – KCA UK President introduced Mr. Andrew Noronha who took the initiative of restructuring the existing KCAUK website and also thanked Mr. Raj Pereira who took the initiative of initially developing the website for KCAUK.

The vote of thanks was given by KCAUK Vice President Mr. Rai Pereira. He expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone who directly or indirectly supported to make the event a grand success. KCAUK gratefully expresses special thanks to the sponsor’s and people who worked behind the screen for days to make the event a grand success. The special thanks were extended to Mr. Santhosh Pinto Manchester, Mr. Joseph Andrade Manchester, and Mr. Shailesh Rego Cambridge. Mr. Joy Pinto – Nottingham, Mr.& Mrs. Mervin Maria Pereira – Leicester, Mr.& Mrs. Mudaliar Nottingham, Mr. And Mrs. Moly Rego Sunderland, Mr. Vincent Dias-Manchester   Mr. Brazil Gomes-Bristol,  Mr. John Furtado and Mrs Thelma Furtado Sunderland, Mrs. Laveena Castelino- Manchester, Mr Herman Judith Vyland, Mr. Arun Pramila Pinto , Mr. Stany Jyothi Mendonca from Sunderland, Mr Fredrick Molly Rego Mr. & Mrs Kenny and Laveena D’Sa- Hereford  for their generous financial help.

The whole event was sequenced and brilliantly hosted by Mr. Stany Mendonca  from Sunderland. The event concluded with a tea at scheduled 5.00 P.M. More than 150 people including kids and teenagers were actively participated in this family event.  The event was concluded with a tea followed by lau-da-te and the floor breaking baila dance

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Well Done KCA UK. Well organised and delivered, a great support and cooperation from every one. Thanks to Raj Francis and Santhosh Sequiera for report and nice photography.

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