Mr. R.K. Shetty is Chosen as the speaker for the World confernce on Financial Professionals
Posted On: 25/08/2010 19:37 GMT
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By Vanitha - Mangalore,

Mangalore: Mr. R. K Shetty, is a well known name in MRDT(Million Dollar Round table) which is premier Insurance and financial services organization. MRDT in a recent notice informed that Mr.R.K.Shetty has been chosen as a speaker of the conference of Financial consultants, that will take place in Florida from October 6 to 9. The persons who have achieved excellence in the field of insurance will be participating as delegates in this 'Top of the table' conference.

A nation's fundamentals are strongly dependent on its economic health and so does a family dependent on the proper financial planning. Mr RK Shetty has been guiding people on financial planning thereby helping them overcome financial obstacles. Mr RK Shetty is credited with having introduced many of the talents in the financial services industry to international level.

Mr Shetty has the rare distinction of being the first Indian to be chosen as the divisional Vice president, besides being member in the  15  member executive council. He was also part of the committee that selects the regional executive Presidents for the year 2009-10. Being the member of the Executive committee he has addressed a number of financial consultants and insurance advisers in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Poland, Greece, England, Spain, United States, Malasia, Shri Lanka.

2007 He is the first Indian to take the MDRT flag to the main stage on the day of the conference. This distinction conferred on one among the 32,000 members belonging 84 countries.

In 2008 he was the executive president of regional committee of 42 countries that  included countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In 2009 he was the first Indian to be selected to the regional management council of MDRT, for three consecutive terms.

2009 he was the first Indian to be selected as the regional vice president.

In 2010 he is chosen as the speaker of the Top of the table conference in Florida.Known for his oratorical skills Mr Shetty, has command over English, Kannada, Hindi, and Marathi.

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