Manchester: KCAUK on BBC Radio
Posted On: 20/04/2010 19:51 GMT
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By KCA-UK Team Members:

Manchester UK: The BBC Radio Manchester had broadcasted about the “harvest” festival on the 18th of April 2010. This was hosted by Mr.Talat-Farooq Awan the producer for the BBC Asian Network. The objective of this programme was to educate the localities in and around Manchester and also to understand how people from different religious beliefs observe their harvest according to their own rich cultures and traditions.

KCA UK took part in this event and the Association was represented by Mr. Vinod Barboza and Mr. Santosh Pinto. Mr. Vinod Barboza and Mr.Santosh Pinto were interviewed by Mr. Talat-Farooq Awan where in Mr.Vinod Barboza explained about how Mangaloreans celebrate the harvest festival. This program was broadcasted at 8.00 PM on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire at 95.1 FM.

The entire INDUS program can be listened by clicking on the link given below.

If you would like to listen exclusively KCAUK’s interview then it would be available between the time slot of 0:38:49 to 0:43:56 in the same media player.

KCA-UK also requests the Konkani speaking parents residing in and around North West of UK to contact the Association with the special talents of their children to enable the Association members make the necessary arrangements to broadcast/publish it in television, radio and other media.

For contact and other details regarding the Association you may please visit the Associations website at

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