Celebration of Feast of Nativity at Our Lady of Pompei Church, Urwa, Mangalore.
Posted On: 08/09/2009 19:15 GMT
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Report: Mr. Ivan C Monteiro, Urwa, Mangalore.

Photographs:  Mr. Cyril Dsouza, Urwa, Mangalore.


Mangalore  September 8, 2009 :The 9 day Novena of the feast of Nativity (Birthday of Mother Mary) culminated on 8th of September on the feast of Nativity. The children would gather in large numbers with zeal and enthusiasm to attend the 9day novena prayers. The Novena of the Nativity started on 31st of August 2009 and concluded on 8th September. After the everyday Novena, children who had brought flowers had to offer it to Mother Mary with love and prayer.  




September 8th the birth day of Mother Mary the feast of Nativity has been devoted with great fervor and devotion by the parishnors of Urwa church and by all Mangloreans . September 8th has significance for all Mangloreans as it is also celebrated as Harvest feast by all Catholics in Mangalore. The family members who are outside Mangalore specially come together for this feast as this feast is also known as Harvest feast.  Today the family will have food specially prepared from the vegetables and pulses produce of this season.



Today’s ceremony started at 7.30am with the harvest procession from the house of Mr. Augustine Dsouza, Kampa ward, Urwa who is an agriculturist. Urwa Parishnors young and old joined the procession today with joy and happiness. The small children had flowers in their hands to offer and shower on Mother Mary. The statue of Mother Mary was decorated and bedecked on an elevated vehicle.  The Procession was greeted by a large crowd in the church as it entered the church compound.  Fr Victor D’mello who was the main celebrant of today’s ceremony   started the Novena Prayers and Blessed the Corn and the new produce of this year at the open air ceremony.   As the hymn “Moriaye Hogolsiya” was sung the children showered flowers brought specially on this occasion. After the Novena the Main Celebrant Fr Victor D’Mello , Parish Priest of Urwa  requested the people  to enter the church with devotion and with fervor.  The church was full and many had to occupy with chairs at Urwa church grounds outside the church which were arranged specially for this occasion.




During the Homily (Preaching) Rev Fr Rupesh Madtha , Assistant Parish Priest  called for the people gathered to remember our ancestors and inculcate  love , peace and harmony within our families. It was a apt oration to the occasion as he asked people to shun all hatred and practice brotherhood, share and care people in and around us, and he gave a special message to the little children who had brought flowers to offer themselves to Mother Mary and dedicate their lives to her just as they offered flowers to Mother Mary.




This year Urwa parishnors witnessed a yet another meaningful prayer ceremony for the families of Urwa Church.  654 corns where handpicked and place in the bowl denoting 654 Families in the Urwa Parish. Fr Victor along with Fr Rupesh placed 654 families at the Altar of Mother Mary. Fr Victor made a touching prayerful appeal to Mother Mary to specially bless the 654 families with peace, love and harmony. He prayed that all the 654 families may have good health, long life and prosperity. He made the prayer for each and everyone right from the child in the womb, children, youth, married couples, parents, aged and the sick. He also recalled to mind all those near and dear ones who had passed away and the family members who were presently residing abroad.  The people gathered in the church knelt down in devotion and fervor during this special prayer for 654 families.



Nine offertory prayers were made for the different objectives by various people of parish before offertory procession. The church service concluded with a vote of thanks rendered by Rev Fr Victor D’mello thanked every person for the help, support and co-operation for this ceremony.  After the final Blessing sugarcane were distributed to the children who had showered flowers to Mother Mary.


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