Mangalore: Training in “Environment Protection” & Vanamahotsava
Posted On: 04/08/2009 20:19 GMT
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By Samanvaya Team Members,

Mangalore 4th August 2009:“The earth is one only beautiful home, and one doesn’t destroy one’s house and be happy. If we love nature, we must protect its beauty and harmony by not defacing it. It is important that we keep resources like water, air, soil, ozone layers clean without polluting them and allow the flora and fauna to grow and live. Polluted water, plastics, noise and fumes from the vehicles and factories pollute environment. Therefore, we must be very careful” said the resource person Rev. Dr Ronald Cutinha, director of Samanvaya during the training in Environment Protection organized jointly by Samanvaya Mangalore and Eco Club of Lourdes High School, Bejai at the school hall on July 30, 2009.






The over use and wrong use of natural resources are the main reasons for their depletion. The water is contaminated and has become scarce, air is polluted, fertile soil has become the bed of rivers and chemical pesticides and fertilizers have ruined the soil bacteria and worms. Ozone layer is depleting, plastic toxic has polluted air while burning, resulted dangerous to fish in sea and caused hazards while in the soil, blocking the water from penetrating the earth. The Power Point presentation projected on the screen through LCD projector made the learning easy. The slogans on Environment protection and question-answer session made the seminar lively. The training was followed by planting of saplings in the school compound.

Sr.Leena D’souza, Eco Club in charge welcomed and introduced the resource person, Karthik proposed vote of thanks and Chaithanya compeered. The Headmistress Sr Leena Rodrigues, women co-ordinator of Samanvaya Sr Mabel D’souza and Eco Club president Yamanappa were on the dais. The staff along with 230 students benefited from this training.


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