MUKA Summer Day Out
Posted On: 06/08/2008 18:10 GMT
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Report by: Deena Pereira
Photographs by : Walter Rodrigues

Nottingham, August 6, 2008: The Mangalorean United Konkani Association (MUKA) organized a summer day out on 3rd of August 2008 at Clumber park, Nottingham, UK. MUKA's President Mr. Deepak Alvares welcomed the gathering of 75 members including adults & children, followed by prayer conducted by Mrs Janet D'sa. Every one was served with delicious breakfast which was organized by Mr. Conrad Aranha.

Soon after the breakfast, games were conducted for children of various age groups by Lydia, Melwyn and Roopa. These games included lucky baby, throwing the rings, eating apples without using hands. Almost every child participated in these fun filled games with enthusiasm.

Delicious lunch prepared by Lancy & fly, Melwyn & fly and Harry & fly was served in the afternoon which was followed by hot and cold drinks organized by Stany. Additional hot and cold drinks were contributed by John, Richard and Conrad.

In the afternoon, group games including Dog & the Bone and Kabadi etc. were conducted for adults. Every adult enjoyed these games which brought past memories and sense of togetherness among all families.

The summer day out was finally concluded with a vote of thanks from the President, who thanked all the families for participating in the event and making it a grand success. This was followed by prize distribution to all the lucky winners.

Finally Lau-da-te was sung by the gathering, which engraved happy memories in minds and hearts of every MUKA member. May the memories live on!!!!!

Edited and Published By Raj Francis Pereira
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