Mangalore: Line man dies on the electric post
Posted On: 17/04/2008 14:00 GMT
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Mangalore 17th April: A line man died on the electric post when he came in contact with live electric current while repairing the electric line here at Bajpe on Sunday 11 am. The dead body remained hanging on the electric cable for nearly four hours before it was brought down after the delayed arrival of HESCOM engineer. The line man has been identified as Ganesh aged 26 years. He is a resident of Hassan and was to get married in next two months.

According to the sources, the Bajpe section HESCOM department had undertaken renovation work. The work involved replacing old cables with new ones and all electric sources were switched off for the process. But during the main hour, the electric switch was put on by someone which resulted in the death of line man Ganesh due to the electric shock. The other three co-workers also experienced the shock and fell off from the electric post. They are said to have sustained severe injuries.

A huge crowd had gathered on the spot and the people were raged over the HESCOM engineer for not reaching the spot on time. The people urged that they would not let the dead body down unless the engineer reaches the spot and assure them that the alleged HESCOM officers would be punished and the family of Ganesh would be paid compensation.

The raged public tried to attack the engineer when he reached the spot but police brought the situation under control. The public asked for written assurance for fulfillment of their demands. Falling to public pressure the police was forced to take the HESCOM engineer to the police station where he agreed to give the written assurance for the fulfillment of their demands. An immediate cheque of one lakh rupees was handed over as compensation along with the promise of additional Rs 1.5 lakhs at the earliest.

The dead body was brought down at around 3 pm.

Current Update:17/04/2008 - 14:15 GMT

Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd. has suspended three persons in connection with the death of Ganesh, its contract employee, on Saturday. They are Mescom's junior engineerat Bajpe P M Yogaraj and two linemen, Jose and Ramesh. A case of causing death by negligence under 304 A of Indian Penal Code has been registered against the three accused at Bajpe Police Station.

Confirming the disciplinary action, managing director of Mescom S. Sumanth told here on Tuesday that the three employees had been kept under suspension, pending an official enquiry.

The company might out for an in-house enquiry by one of its supeintending engineers or request a retired District and Sessions judge to conduct the enquiry. "There is a fixed departmental process in such cases," he added.

Terming the incident as "unintentional", Sumanth said the company had directed its staff to be careful while undertaking systems improvement work. The action initiated against the staff was based on prima facie evidence as it was found that the established procedures in carrying out such works were not adhered to by the three accused.

The company would pay the compensation amount to the next of kin of the victim at the earliest, the said. Superintending engineer (Operation and Maintenance) M. Mahadevu said the company had already initiated steps to provide Rs 1 lakh to the family of the victim.

The enquiry against the suspended employees would start in a month after they officially reply to the show cause notices. "If they are found guilty, the company will initiate further action," he added.

On the issue of compensation, Sumanth said the same would be decided by a competent court of law.

The police would conduct their investigation and take action against the accused, he said. It may be recalled here that Ganesh, a contract employee with Mescom, was electrocuted while on duty near Bajpe on Saturday.


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