Nottingham: MUKA new committee members elected
Posted On: 26/03/2008 21:45 GMT
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Press Release

Nottingham 26th March: After the triumphant success of the Easter celebrations, the MUKA members gathered once again to elect the new office bearers for the year 2008-2009 at the Bramcote Memorial Hall.

The former President John Peter Fernandes welcomed the members during the Annual General Body meeting. Steven D’souza co-ordinated the elections. The new committee were elected for the current year 08-09 and the following members were Unanimously selected for the respective positions.


President: Deepak Alvarees
Vice President: Deena Pereira
Secretary: Vincent D’souza
Treasurer: Lancy D’souza
Cultural Secretary: Melwyn D’souza and Roopa D’souza
Communication Coordinator:Julian Noronha
Liturgical Secretary: Janet D’sa

The former President thanked the committee and the members for their consistent support during their term and wished new office bearers all success.

The meeting concluded with Deepak Alvares addressing the meeting and praise God with an thanks giving hymn.

KCA UK & thanks all the former committee members for their dedicated support & contribution given to the Mangalorean community during the last year and wish the new team members the very best in achieving their objectives.

Edited & Published By Raj Francis Pereira

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