Udupi:Trees on CMC premises felled to make way for stormwater drain in Udupi- Udayavani
Posted On: 10/02/2008 14:58 GMT
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Udupi, February 10: The municipal authorities felled four trees belonging to the Polyalthia longifolia family in front of the Udupi City Municipal Council (CMC) office to create space for the construction of a stormwater drain on Kavi Muddanna Road here. Two such trees on the northern side of the CMC were felled a few days earlier.

The felling of trees has evoked mixed reaction from the people, with some supporting it and others expressing concern. R Nagesh Shanbhag, commissioner of CMC, told that a footpath would be constructed above the stormwater drain. A provision was being made for laying cables. “At present, a few trees are being cut. We plan to construct a bus bay near the municipal office. In such an event, the remaining Polyalthia longifolia trees will have to be cut. However, we will plant equal number of trees elsewhere on our premises,” he said.

G Rajashekhar, writer, said that these trees had neither environmental nor ornamental value. “They did not give shade. So there should be no problem with their felling,” he said. N A Madhyastha, zoologist, said that cutting trees was not good. “The environment of a city is always warm. Concrete buildings reflect heat. Hence, trees play a vital role in keeping the city cool. If we have to cut trees, there should always be an alternative plan,” he said.

Retired Principal of Poornaprajna College M Sudhakar Rao said he was concerned over the reckless felling of trees in the city for widening of roads. “Some trees which I had been seeing since my childhood were felled recently near Ambagilu,” he said.

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